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APV7000 Management Software
APV7000 is advanced IP management software suitable for any kind of solution, from small installations to large-scale systems. Its revolutionary video decoding offers the highest scalability and flexibility, allowing managing thousands of cameras and video servers from a centralized system.
AplusView comprehensive client-server architecture is scalable for projects from single site applications to multi-site and centralized solutions. This flexibility and scalability empowers our relationship with customers by providing them with solutions adapted to their needs. 

Running as a windows service and embedded with watchdog, when the software is down due to an unknown failure or a power outage, it will restart windows automatically and resume normal work even before log in windows.
Easy installation
APV7000 is easy to install and configure. In a few steps users can install the software and start adding cameras to the system. This process is also easier thanks to the camera finder feature, which searches any IP device connected to the network allowing the user to add them with just one click. 


Panoramic Camera Support
Normal and Panoramic cameras can be integrated in APV7000 to be displayed on live view or playback mode at the same time. With APV7000 Pano functions users can pan, tilt and zoom in&out to select the desired area in both live view and playback condition.
Smooth live view
APV7000 uses dual stream technique. Users can set camera’s first stream at high resolution for recording and second stream at low resolution for live view. When there is one or four channels displaying on the monitor, the first stream will be used to display in order to provide high quality video. When there are 9 or more channels displaying on the monitor, the second stream will be used to display since it requires lower resolution. In this way, the loading of CPU is reduced and the video can be displayed fluently at 2 megapixel resolution at 15 FPS.  


Multiple monitors supported
Apv7000 allows to connect up to 6 monitors to one NVR, bringing a high flexibility to users´ needs. Each monitor can be configure independently, giving users the option to do live view, playback, check eMaps and manage alarms and events at the same time over six different screens.
Keep a different profile on each monitor 
A profile stores states and settings associated with a local console, including the window position, layout, saved login information, IP address of server, etc. With APV7000, users can define different profiles with the configuration they need (live view, eMaps, playback)and keep that profile in a shortcut access. Whenever users need to use a pre-defined profile, just need to open it on the desired monitor.




• Manage up to 64 Channels

• Panoramic Cameras support

• Customizable user interface 

• HDD Bay for 5 SATA Disks (Total up to 15TB)

• Two-way audio

• Instant Playback in live view window

• Megapixel recording  

• Support H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG formats

• Playback with more than 512x speed

• Fully Remote Control

• 25 Channels simultaneous synchronized playback

• Time and event based search

• E-maps with camera icons 

• PTZ and speed control


Open platform Support major brand cameras
Maximum Number of Clients Unlimited
Maximum Number of Cameras  64
Free license  8
Compression H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
Language Multi language support
Panoramic Camera Support Yes
CMS Integration Management with integrated security across multiple NVR servers.
Live view    
Display Layout mode 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 25,36, 49, 64
Manual Recording / Snapshot Instant recording or snapshot upon mouse click
Event panel Display Event status upon alarms, connection loss, etc.
Two-way audio Audio sound from and to all the audio supported devices
Dual Stream Management Live view from stram 1 or stream 2 of dual stream devices
On screen digital zoom Zoom in/out by mouse scroll wheel or by zoom control buttons
Instant playback In live view window
PTZ Control Pan, tilt, zoom, speed control
PTZ Presets  Yes
Digital PTZ Control  Yes
Joystick USB based joystick supported
Search & Playback    
Audio/video synchronized playback yes
Multi-channel syncronized playback Yes
Time based Video Search Yes
Event baed video search Yes
Smart Search By Missing object, foreign object, etc.. 
Playback control Playback control with speed up to 512x
Snapshot Instant recording or snapshot upon mouse click
Digital Zoom Zoom in/out by mouse scroll wheel or by zoom control buttons
Video export Audio/video synchronized export to AVI or Raw format
MPEG-4/H.264 frame by frame backward playback Yes
Scheduled Recording Record video upon user defined schedule
Event Recording Record video when events happen
Manual Recording Instant recording
Dual Stream Management Recording of stream 1 or 2 of dual stream devices
Event Management    
Event trigger Yes
Event Response Yes
Manual Event Yes
Email notification Yes
Remote Access    
Remote Web Brower Users can access via internet browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox)to live view, Playback, set up
Remote Client program User program with lieve view, PTZ, playback event management, set up
Remote 3GPP Users log in with 3GPP supported mobile phones
EMAP Allows users to edit map and choose arbitrary location and angle of a camera icon.
PTZ control on emap Resizing and rotating on mouse control.
DI/DO on Emap Showing real-time status and provides direct GUI control.
Exernal map integration yes
Motion Detection yes
Tamper detection yes
Double-tripwire directional object counting Intelligent version
Foreing object alarm/detection Intelligent version
Missing object alarm/detection Intelligent version
IVS report Intelligent version


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